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Chata Návrší

Chata Návrší was conceived of as an idea during a period of large tourist interest in the area during the early 20th century. Located 2km above the town of Stříbrnice, what is now Chata Návrší consisted then of a single hut owned by Karl Jungmann Stříbrnice (Stubenseifen) who took advantage of the fact its location stood by one of the hiking trails from Staré Město to the mountain peak of Králický Sněžník. Návrší first opened for tourists in 1922 and proved a success, bringing in considerable financial benefit for Jungmann and allowing him to build the classic lodge which was completed in 1928 and still stands today. Origionally named Sennhüttenbaude, the building was quite impressive with 22 beds spread over two floors, a large ground floor restaurant and stone cellar built into the hill. Over time facilities at the lodge improved with the introduction of tap water, electricity and a telephone. Insulation and hot water all came later. The lodge itself soon became a well know icon and popular especially amongst German tourists.

At the same time there was a similar cottage further up the hill owned by the Liechtenstein family which was a competitor. Combined with this the Jesenické County Club of Czechoslavakian tourists (Jesenické župy Klubu československých turistů) or KČST tried to build their own cottage in Jeseniky although they could not raise sufficient funds to realise this. Out of this aborted scheme there were however advantages for in the area, an agreement was put in place through which the KČST offered a promotion and the hotels in the region provided a discount. This helped the area grow in popularity and soon all year long there was steady stream of guests.

Because the Liechtenstein was better situated than Jungmann's hut with more established accommodation, tourists often preferred the Liechtesteins, which meant that Jungmann's was often empty for long periods throughout the year. So an agreement between Jungmann and the KČST was reached which meant that the KČST would rent the cottage for periods throughout the year. This was all fine until the KČST erected a sign „U salašních bud“ which angered some of the people in the town which was a largely German peopled area. In the end an agreement regarding the sign was reached and the cottage was re-named „Jungmann's hut“ and both sides once again could benefit, especially since the area was becomingly increasingly popular with Czechs.

The prosperity of the area continued until the beginning of the war. Wartime circumstances of course meant a great loss of tourism. The area was economically though not physically harmed and survived until 1945. After the war there was a confiscation of all German assets in the area including the cottage belonging to Mr. Jungmann who was later forcibly resettled in Germany. The cottages in that time were taken over by the Directorate of Olomouc with a similar post in Jeseníky also created.

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Horská chata Návrší Stříbrnice, 788 32 Staré Město pod Sněžníkem (okres Šumperk) GPS: N50°11'7.21" E16°52'59.62"