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Chata Návrší is the ideal staring point for any walk to Králický Sněžník.

For cyclists in the vicinity of the lodge there are several exciting circuits in the region. Nearby locales of interest include.

Staré Město pod Sněžníkem – Delightful old town of Staré Město. The hiking trail at the crossroads for Sněžník Rychlebské leads to Návrší. Easily reachable by train from Hanušovice, there is also cross country skiing nearby(Ray, Kunčice, Olsanka).

Králický Sněžník (1424 m) – The mountain summit provides beautiful views of both Morava and Poland. At the top there are the ruins of a famous stone tower built in 1899 and demolished by Polish sappers in 1973. It's ruins now form the highest peak of the mountain. A short walk away there is a small sign which points to the crossing into Poland and is crossable for tourists during weekends. Not far below the summit of Sněžník at an altitude of 1390m the Morava river begins nearby at an enclosed spring which provides fresh mountain water. Nearby on the Morava side there are some more ruins, this time of what used to be the Liechtenstein family cottage. Then just metres away is the famous stone statue of an elephant which has now come to represent the mountain of Králický Sněžník.

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Malý Sněžník (1337 m) – The smaller peak of Sněžník. Unlike Králický it is wooded with trees of pine, but still provides good views of the area. It is located on the border and accessible from the cottage under Śnieżnik Hall.

Vlaštovčí kameny – A feild of unusual stones. Previously near the red marked trail, since the mid 80's the current yellow trail no longer passes it.

Prudký potok – A lovely stream which springs from the rock and cascades down many waterfalls into a beautiful gorge covered in moss, ferns and fallen trees.

Tvarožné díry – Limestone caves, which although formally closed to the public are still accessible. A stream some 250 metres long winds through it's narrow corridors.

Patzeltova jeskyně – A small cave comprising one small corridor, a sloped room and pond. It lies on the western slope of Podbělky. Not located near a hiking trail it can often take a little looking for.

Velká Morava – A well known skiing resort and anouther starting point for the hike to Králický Sněžník. The village has several hotels as well a pair of ski lifts (for Prométheus and Sněžník).

Paprsek – Anouther well known ski resort with beautiful views of the mountain ranges Jeseníky and Sněžník.



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